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, handcrafted footwear

In 1964 , Mr. Oraby introduced his first designer collection of men's shoes to a select and limited number of top quality men's shoe retailers in Egypt. His success was immediate.

These same handcrafted men's shoes are now available, factory direct to your doorstep.

Oraby’s talent and his entrepreneurial spirit are the two qualities which have enabled him to achieve great success in building a genuine fashion empire since launching his own business in 1964.

His evolution in taste and style has led Oraby to eliminate the superfluous, emphasize the comfortable and stress the elegance of the essential in his Footware.

This philosophical approach is seen as the foundation of his designs and his success. As proof that his approach has gained widespread approval and following,A team of 200 employees works to ensure proper productions throughout Our computerized departments of planning, marketing, accounting, storage, and quality control.

For today's lifestyle

The Oraby Collection for Spring 2005 features exotics, deerskins, calfskins and woven contemporary classics - all using the finest materials, handcraftsmanship and with the Oraby touch that makes them special

We export to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the U.S. and Russia.